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Enterprise Certification Registration Preparation

Prepare for ASCM Enterprise Certification Registration

To get a better understanding of how your operations compare to the ASCM Enterprise Certification Standards, we recommend completing the Enterprise Supply Chain Maturity Assessment prior to registration. While the Enterprise Supply Chain Maturity Assessment is not required, it is recommended that interested organizations complete the assessment to evaluate your supply chain's maturity prior to registering. In addition, organizations will be provided with an aggregate data report based on industry-wide responses to the assessment.

Once you have determined that the supply chain or business unit for which your organization is seeking certification is aligned with ASCM Enterprise Certification Standards, it is time to prepare for your registration application.

Preliminary preparations include the following:

  • Identifying your “supply chain/business unit”
  • Gathering your preliminary documentation
  • Completing your scope upload template

Begin Registration

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Step 1: Identify Your Supply Chain/Business Unit

The supply chain/business unit refers to the specific group of operations that your organization wants to have evaluated and certified. Examples of business units include but are not limited to: contract logistics, freight management, inventory control, procurement, supplier management, warehousing, etc.

Note that the same organization should register only one supply chain or business unit at a time for each registration. If you would like to register more than one business unit or supply chain at once, please contact for additional information.

Step 2: Complete the Scope Upload Template

During the registration process, you will be asked to list all sites related to the respective business unit or supply chain you are seeking to certify in the Scope Upload Template. This will allow for a sub-set of your sites to be selected for the on-site evaluation process.

Download Template

On the template, you will be required to provide the address, primary contact name, and primary contact email for each site operating under the internal entity to be evaluated. In addition, you will identify the operations within the SCOR model (i.e. Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, Return, and/or Enable) that takes place at each site. Upon completing the template, you will need to save it locally. Once saved, the file can be uploaded into your registration application along with the rest of the required information and documentation to complete the registration process.

Step 3: Compile and Format Required Documentation Checklist

We recommend taking a moment to review the ASCM Enterprise Certification Documentation Checklist, for a list of required documentation that you will be asked to upload during the registration process. Please note that additional documents may be required during the evaluation process.

Download Checklist

IMPORTANT: The function to start, stop, and return to the registration application prior to submission is currently under development and you will not be able to save your progress within the application. Therefore, it is required that you complete the application in one attempt. With that in consideration, we highly recommend preparing your documentation prior to submitting and paying for your registration application.

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