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Supply Chain Resilience Certificate

What is the Supply Chain Resilience Certificate?

The Supply Chain Resilience Certificate program is a premier continuing education certificate designed to help experienced supply chain professionals expand their resilience knowledge and skills.

The program provides you with comprehensive knowledge of the concepts, practices, and trends related to organizational and strategic supply chain resilience. You’ll be better equipped to:

  • Integrate resilience in supply chain management
  • Manage risk in supply chains
  • Make data-driven decisions
  • Strengthen supplier collaboration and relationships
  • Prepare for potential disruptions using data and strategic planning

Top three reasons to get started

Resilience in Supply Chain

Resilience in Supply Chain

Define, discuss, and explain the organization and strategic principles behind supply chain resilience.

Leadership Empowerment

Leadership Empowerment

This program aims to enable leaders to drive resilience initiatives in their organizations.

Career Advancement

Career Advancement

Stand out in a competitive job marketing with a digital badge demonstrating your knowledge of targeted areas in supply chain resilience.

What’s in the course

Foundations of Supply Chain Resilience
Learn how to identify critical resources needed to create a resilient supply chain and the benefits of achieving end-to-end visibility.

Risk Management in Supply Chains
Learn how to identify risks and analyze their impact, steps for developing a risk management plan, and the role of risk management training in a supply chain organization.

Strategic Planning, Data-Driven Decision-Making and Collaboration
Discover strategic sourcing in supply chain resilience, define data analytics and key performance indicators, and explain the importance of information flows.

Secure and Flexible Systems
Understand the key elements of a secure supply chain and how different distribution and order management components can build resilience.

Leadership and Resilient Organizational Culture
Learn how supply chain leaders must balance resilience and efficiency to secure your network during a disruption and how your leadership style can affect your supply chain.

Sustainability, Innovation and Technology in Supply Chain Resilience
Discover how implementing sustainable practices and utilizing technology can improve the resilience of your supply chain.

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How it works

The self-paced program includes 20 hours of education and a comprehensive final exam within an interactive online platform. You will also have access to video clips, practice questions, and more to help cultivate a stronger understanding of each topic.

After passing the exam, you will earn your certificate and a digital badge that you can display on your LinkedIn profile and within your email signature. Additionally, learners can earn 20 certification maintenance points upon completion of the program.

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